About K12 Ventures

K12 Ventures is a startup incubator and venture capital that provides early-stage startup accelerators, funding and mentorship for the young entrepreneurs - from kindergarteners to high school seniors.

Believing in the Younger Generation

At K12 Ventures, we believe in the younger generation. We think that the students can build professional startups before attending college, given the right mentorship and support.

Solving Daily Life Problems

The best startup does not have to use the most sophisticated technology, such as AI and Blockchain. Instead, the best startup focuses on solving real problems in our own daily lives.

Demo Day Spring 2019

Bring your startup project and give a 3-minute project pitch to the investors.

Application Process

Please send us your startup project and team information for us to review. Apply here.

Grow Your Startup

Receive feedback, mentorship, partnership and potential investment from the investors.

Demo Day Schedule

April 19th, 2019 6:00pm - 9:00pm
The Cove at UCI Applied Innovation
5141 California Ave #200, Irvine, CA 92617

Speaker Startup School and Grade Level
Founder: Amanda Zhu, Joanne Wang, Alina Yue, Matisse Feng
Portola High School
9th Grade
Founder: Solomon Cheung
Los Alamitos High School
10th Grade
Founder: Melissa Qian
Northwood High School
11th Grade
Healthy Foodies
Founder: Patrick Gu
University High School
11th Grade
Simply: The Special Communication Apps
Founder: Art Xue
La Salle College Preparatory
10th Grade
Drive Safe
Founder: Zihan Lin
Northwood High School
12th Grade
Founder: Xuxuan Jin, Cinna Zhou, Yixuan Li, Lisa, Carolyn Lee
Canyon Lake Middle School
8th Grade
Founder: Junyi Lu
Canyon Crest Academy
11th Grade

Board of Advisors


Edmond Banayan

CEO, Chronaly Inc.

Chairman, Los Angeles Venture Association


Thomas Hines

CEO, Overwatch Safety Solutions


Yu Sun

Professor, Cal Poly Pomona


Jiangliang Guo

CEO, Vdyoo Technologies


Michael Wang

Sr. Data Analyst, System1.com


Joseph Afework

iOS Engineering Manager

Wag Labs


Sha Zhang

Program Manager

Thales Avionics


David Cai

Sr Quantitative Researcher

Strategic Global Advisors


Lee Ann Kline

President & Founder

STEM Advantage


Alex Cheng

CEO, Sevenlogics


Dr. David Kang

IT Consultant


Dr. Ben Steichen

Professor, Cal Poly Pomona

Corporate Partners

K12 Ventures add powerful industry expertise by offering hands-on mentorship, business development opportunities, and access to resources to help accelerate startups.

Past Participants

Speaker Startup School and Grade Level
Smart Stress
Founder: Mingze Gao
Beckman High School
12th Grade
Founder: Justin Kim
Los Osos High School
10th Grade
Alloy Cube
Founder: Howard Li
University High School
12th Grade
Founder: Kelvin Lee
Beckman High School
12th Grade
Insulator Plus
Founder: Jack Gong
Damien High School
12th Grade
My University
Founder: Leo Lee
Walnut High School
12th Grade
Founder: Felianne Teng
Troy High School
12th Grade
Founder: Nina Luo
The Webb Schools
9th Grade
Founder: John Xu
Beacon Park School
6th Grade
My Pace
Founder: Miller Liu
Sierra Vista Middle School
8th Grade
Smart Environment
Founder: Kathy Su, Kelvin Su
Claremont High School
11th Grade
Centaurus Link
Founder: Mike Qu
Northwood High School
11th Grade
Founder: Aaron Chang
Arcadia High School
9th Grade

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